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Re: Unmarried OWLS

Postby rouser » Mon Sep 03, 2012 3:31 am

NotMyRealName09 wrote:Edit: I didn't initially know you are a lady because i didnt pay attentionl Bear that in mind as you read, but I don't feel like correcting this - some male OWLS could surely benefit from the below.


Two, just don't go to Ricks, go to Harpers and you won't be a creeper (the Riv is ok because no one who cares about anything would ever go there). What you're really getting at is, how do you not be the creepy old guy at the bar. And the answer is, if you don't recognize the music, leave the bar. Any normal campus with a grad school will have more adult, less-undergrady bars. Seek those out. (edit: guaranteed UofM has grad student bars).

P.S., dumb undergrads like law students, and, uhhhh, some chicks are totally cool with the older dude, but they tend to have issues. You just can't be a creeper at the kiddie bars, leering from the corner. But certain chicks will love dating the older "law student," but that is really case by case, depends on what you look like, her relationship with her father/step dad, and other disturbing, truly disturbing intangibles impossible to discuss here.

Edited: wait, you're a lady. Date a professor. I don't read before I post, I just go, sorry. However, the "creeper" dynamic doesn't apply to you - actually, the inverse may be true - you could be the coolest chick at the bar. Work that angle. Also, because you're a lady, I feel like expressly disclaiming all of this as satire.

yeah just go where you feel most comfortable. If you like to have a good talk while you drink, don't go to a place that plays dubstep.

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