New Commercial Outlines vs Older (used Outlines)

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New Commercial Outlines vs Older (used Outlines)

Postby Philipsssssss » Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:00 am

Hello all,

Based on your experience as 1L's or 2L's, would you recommend buying new outlines (latest editions) for full price (Amazon, etc'), used outlines (older editions), or borrowing from the library?

If possible please provide a reason for your recommendations.


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Re: New Commercial Outlines vs Older (used Outlines)

Postby gdane » Tue Aug 14, 2012 2:46 pm

Get the newest outlines for classes like Civ Pro (Post 2007 FRCP plus pleading changes), Crim Pro (definitely this one because there are a lot of important recent cases), and Con law (some new cases like McDonald and Medellin arent in the older Chemerinsky supp. that everyone loves to use).

Torts, Property, Contracts dont need the newest outlines. The case law hasnt changed much in these areas. But, just get the newest ones if you can to be safe.

As for checking the book out of the library, do this only if the supplement is so expensive that you cant buy it. I decided to check out Understanding Crim Pro from my school's library to save money, but it was such a hassle because I had to keep rechecking it out and people were clamoring for me to return it.

Good luck.

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