need advice

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need advice

Postby goosey » Wed Apr 25, 2012 10:35 am

so I missed a bunch of classes in both corps and crim pro

I have recordings of all the corps classes, which I have been listening to, and am actually starting to understand the class (even when I was there, my notes are crappy and I didnt pay attention much)

I am up to March 1st for the recordings [four hours of class a week] and in my outline. However, I also have 4 classes to catch up on throughout the semester leading up to march 1. I have a few corps outlines and also one particular outline for this prof which is good. I have always made my own outlines and feel like I learn better that way. This exam is closed book

My second final, crim pro, is the day after corps. I have not started outlining yet, paid attention in class, and have about 4 days worth of reading to catch up on. Exam is open book and plan on pre-writing answers.

My corps exam is on may 8th and crim pro on the 9th. freaking out. I have no idea what to do here...should I continue to listen to lectures and take notes on my own/outline and work in the old outline i have? And THEN start doing practice questions from the e&e? Or should I just listen to lectures, take notes, and then start doing e&e and make like a short outline of "tests" to memorize. I need to start studying for crim pro as well and I am not even nearly done with my corps outline.

Game plan please

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