Annotated (3rd party comments) MPC?

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Annotated (3rd party comments) MPC?

Postby BeachedBrit » Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:49 pm

Anyone know of a good annotated version of the MPC? My final is open book/note and thought that something like this may be helpful if all else fails.

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Re: Annotated (3rd party comments) MPC?

Postby AVBucks4239 » Sun Apr 08, 2012 2:40 am

Get Dressler's Understanding Criminal Law if you don't already have it. He lays out the MPC fairly well and explains how it's different from the common law for damn near everything. He cites to the comments to explain the MPC when necessary. He also has a simple, no bullshit prose, which is nice. ... 135&sr=8-1


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Re: Annotated (3rd party comments) MPC?

Postby bartleby » Mon Apr 09, 2012 4:36 am

+1 not that i know what i'm doing but my prof is moving at the pace of a snail. we've covered like 150 pages so far total. she really wants us to know the mpc cold and then the common law for the other cases

honestly, the only thing i know is wilful doesn't include negligence

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