ITT You Explain to me how to do well on a torts exam

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Re: ITT You Explain to me how to do well on a torts exam

Postby johansantana21 » Sun Nov 27, 2011 1:32 am

Yeah black letter doctrines I guess?

There's just so few for conlaw which is what I like.

Torts there's too many. 70% of them might be reasonable prudent person test but there's still 70 different variations of it.

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Re: ITT You Explain to me how to do well on a torts exam

Postby Bronte » Sun Nov 27, 2011 1:44 am

In the end, I think that classes where the legal analysis is more difficult than the factual analysis tend to result in less random grade distributions. But maybe that's just confirmation bias, because I tend to be better with law than facts.

I took basically the same approach in all my 1L courses: (1) I read what I was assigned, highlighted in one color, and took notes in the margin, (2) I went to (almost) every class, paid attention, and took notes, (3) I outlined from scratch as if I were writing a (very sloppy) commercial outline, (4) I went back and made mini-outlines of my outlines, (5) I took every available practice test, and (6) I went through my outlines and practices tests with a small study group.

This worked out really well for me. Obviously, a lot of this advice is superfluous at this point in the semester. But I would just focus on fundamentals and not try to game the system. In torts, just recognize that it's a more fact-specific class than others. Take practice tests and focus on proportionally allocating time to all the issues.

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