unconventional Exam prep plan

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unconventional Exam prep plan

Postby mimi82 » Sat Nov 12, 2011 10:20 pm

Thought I'd ask if others had some odd plan that worked for them. I'm a 1E.

I have a Contract (closed book), Property (open book), and CivPro (only FRCP book) exam. I've taken practice exams for all so far. I pretty much have the issue spotting down. Meaning that I can spot the problems but can't exactly recite the law it applies to yet. So lets say for the Civpro practice exam I'll say the essence of a Rule but not the Rule # nor the exact words. I wanted to first figure out how to set up, issue spot, and write an exam first because it seems this is the hardest part. Also since Property is open book I will be doing a outline with color coding, index, and photos. But I will not be doing one for the other classes. For Contracts I'm writing down everything, EVERYTHING. Trying to get it memorized in my head. But I don't plan to keep what I wrote. I will throw it away and start the next day from memory on what I wrote the previous day and add more to memorize then throw away that paper. I'm hoping this will force me to learn it if I keep having to write it rather than visually reviewing my notes. I will use the practice exam answer sheet to add more concepts that I missed in an exam. I will continue this process, plus the E&Es, Cali lesson, and 1-2 weekly practice exams for each class (if I can find enough).

For Civpro I'll do almost the same, EXCEPT, memorize the rules. I will practice writing the rules and make sure I have a great understanding of them, when and how they apply as well as possible exceptions. I will highlight the hell out of my FRCP using a color key that connects the Rules. So if someone files a motion for something I will use the same color highlighter and page flag for quick reference to all related rules. I will also use color coding for related cases that are in the back of the book. I'll attempt to memorize this but not as dedicated as for Contracts.

My hope is that by the end of Thanksgiving break I understand the concepts for each class and have no problem applying law to fact. I want to be able to get the timing right for the exams after Thanksgiving break. At present I don't really time myself. I start to and then I always go over, but the point now is to write an exam correctly.

I know so many people love those outlines but I don't see the point if I can't take it in my class. I will do a visual thing for my own benefit but not carried away with synthesizing 80 pages of notes into 3 pages. That takes too much time I don't have.

I'll take any constructive suggestions. Thanks.

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