Growly Notes problem - text/windows went missing

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Growly Notes problem - text/windows went missing

Postby sgtgrumbles » Wed Sep 07, 2011 4:42 pm

I've been using Growly Notes to take class notes, reading notes, and case briefs for the past week or two and I just discovered that many of the early boxes I'd created and took notes in have been deleted out of my notebook. Mostly the mixing boxes contained early notes (nothing I wrote today was deleted). I don't really have any idea how this happened. I certainly didn't manually select all of these sections and delete them. The only thing I can imagine is that someone manually deleted them on my computer (during the two minutes or so I've stepped away from it to go across a room or something), or that Growly Notes had some kind of error. Has anyone had any experience with this? Does anyone how to retrieve days old versions of the notebook? I'm using Dropbox to sync files between my laptop and desktop, so my Growly Notes file sits in Dropbox, but that doesn't help me get back old versions of the file.

Fortunately this only happened a week or so in, so I haven't lost much, but it's certainly going to take some time to make up that work.

Also, I sent an email to Growly Notes Help, but since they don't have a tech team I don't know how much they can do.

It's possible I somehow did something really stupid and deleted this stuff myself, so I don't want to send everyone into a panic about the software's integrity.

Any help would be appreciated.

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