Feeling good- screwed?

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Re: Feeling good- screwed?

Postby 23402385985 » Tue Aug 30, 2011 6:31 pm

Adjudicator wrote:
joncrooshal wrote:
Adjudicator wrote:Regarding exams, I seem to have drawn professors who believe in transparency. That has its pros and cons; on the one hand, it makes it easier for me to figure out what they're looking for. On the other hand, it also makes it easier for everyone else.

One of my professors included in his electronic supplement an essay that he wrote that basically lays out what he is looking for on exams. It is pretty much solid gold, stuff like using clear and concise language instead of trying to get creative, and thoroughly disposing of the obvious issues before moving on to the more subtle ones.

I'm just hoping that the other students don't pay much attention to it. :)

I'm sure the syllabus and accompanying supplement has been overanalyzed like everything else by your fellow classmates. Probably printed off and highlighted, too.

Dang; well I'll just have to hope that they aren't very perceptive. But that reminds me of something funny that happened in Contracts the other day.

The professor cold-calls one student and asks him to read a particular passage of the court opinion out loud.

Professor: "Now when you read that the first time... did you understand it?"
Student: "...... I had it highlighted."
Everyone: :lol:

I also tend to hope everyone else is just a fucking idiot with no common sense. And I know that there are a lot of them that I can already point out.

I was being sarcastic about the highlighted thing, yada yada. I'm sure a few people have read it, but I'm also sure that a number of people don't even know it exists. I've had to deal with my Civ Pro people pleading with idiots to check his LexisNexis site now rather than waiting for an instructional email after every class.

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Re: Feeling good- screwed?

Postby spleenworship » Tue Aug 30, 2011 9:48 pm

mths wrote:
spleenworship wrote: In addition I have been reading TLS for over a year, and briefing cases on and off all summer, read some E&Es too. I am wondering if this is why I feel OK about this?

oh jesus fuck

I didn't say it was healthy. :oops: It did make me feel a lot better, however, to have an idea how to do it before the first day. I admit that was overly neurotic, but I have some good reasons for being this neurotic, I swear. Long story short, I just wanted to lower my anxiety level a little.

A big thank you to everyone who responded. I am feeling a lot better, thanks.

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