Job advice (state clerkship)

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Job advice (state clerkship)

Postby yehaw11 » Fri Jun 10, 2011 3:16 pm

Just a quick quest / if anyone has had a simliar problem.

After my 1L year at a T2 school i interned for a state court trial judge in a secondary market. During th middle of the internship she offered me a chance to clerk for her when I graduated which would be 2 years later in the fall of 2012. As the offer was on the spot in her chambers I accepted. However, after the offer I transferred to a T30 and performed well there this year as well. I have since talked to previous clerks for this state court judge who have said that they would not do it again and that she has fired law clerks in the past when they have not gotten along. Additionally since then, I have decided that I would rather be in a different market and am really interested in DOJ honors or a clerkship with a bankruptcy judge. The thing is, is I would rather have a job ITE then nothing at all. Also, the pay at the state cour clerkship is very low and pretty much unable to service my loans other than IBR. Additionally, the last time I saw the judge she made a point to tell me that very few of the clerks that were currently clerking had jobs for after their clerkship.

Is it fine to apply to other jobs in other markets or should I just disclose this to the judge at which point I would have nothing, except a chance to get a job elsewhere.


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