Part-time 1L's: What are you doing this summer?

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Part-time 1L's: What are you doing this summer?

Postby eightmarky » Wed Jun 01, 2011 4:08 pm

Also, please share your experiences about your process of switching from a non-legal FT career either during or after LS. Thanks.


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Re: Part-time 1L's: What are you doing this summer?

Postby Zindras » Thu Jun 02, 2011 10:17 am

I'm working full-time and doing one class. It's a vacation compared to 1L(E?).

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Re: Part-time 1L's: What are you doing this summer?

Postby rdcws000 » Thu Jun 02, 2011 3:08 pm

This summer: two 3 hour classes condensed into 8 weeks, plus my normal full time job. The 2 classes are actually a bit of a crunch to get done in 8 weeks, so it's not quite the relaxing summer session I was hoping for.

As for career transition, Most of the people in my part time section entered law school with an established career, and some semblance of a connection with a future legal career. This is because of the difficulty, which you seme to be eluding to, of gaining summer legal employment as a PT student who already has full time employment.

Most of the people I know, (and me) have to get a bit creative to transition our careers into law. Many I know work at law firms already and their transition will be easy. Others work in the criminal justice system (police, corrections) and they will be using connections to transition into a legal career. Myself, I have worked for a Fortune 100 Corp for over 12 years, and I am trying to work my way into the legal department. I have 1 year of law school behind me and I have made a semi career switch into the HR area, which I hope to grow and get some more exposure, and ultimately land a job with this company.

I'd still like to get some solid legal experience with an actual firm, since that is what companies like mine look for in in house counsel. I am still working on how I might be able to do this. It's not easy with a full time job. Even with the 4 weeks of vacation I have a year it wont allow me to take a summer internship.

The other thing some people look at are quasi legal careers (careers where a law degree is helpful, but by no means required). Examples of these might be Employee Relations, Human resources, Labor Relations, Contract Management, and even Public/Investor Relations.

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