Continue for 2L or drop out?

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Re: Continue for 2L or drop out?

Postby protein » Sun Jun 05, 2011 2:46 pm

UNLV09 wrote:
schooner wrote:More importantly, the OP's job prospects would probably be worse off with an MBA from a non-elite school. He isn't likely to go to Harvard, Stanford, or Wharton (no offense to the OP), which means he's even less likely to end up with a high paying Wall Street, consulting, or corporate job.

Where are you getting this information from? Check out this list of accomplished MBAs. A lot of them didn't go to top 30 schools (let alone the top 10 schools you are referring to), and some of them didn't even go to top 50 schools. ... index.html

I really hope the OP isn't listening to this advice, which is basically just "if you don't have a great GPA in law school or can't get into a top 20 MBA program then you are doomed to be jobless or working a office job for $25k for the rest of your life, so you might as well give up now before you spend the money on more education." That's just absurd. Disturbingly absurd.

both of your posts ITT have been pointing at outliers and saying "hey!!! look you could do this too!!!"

there's a reason they're outliers. in all likelihood, OP will not be those people.

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Re: Continue for 2L or drop out?

Postby gwuorbust » Sun Jun 05, 2011 3:00 pm

my problem with most most what has been said ITT is that it presumes that there are no opportunities out there. there are million other things that the OP could easily and successfully do with a law degree or MBA, or that he could do without a law degree, MBA, etc. the world is not limited to "biglawjobs" and "desk-clerk". That said, considering that OP couldn't find something for the summer I am inclined to believe that OP probably isn't creative enough to find or create an interesting and legit job.

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