When to set a wedding date during 1L

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When to set a wedding date during 1L

Postby umich2011 » Sun Mar 13, 2011 5:47 pm

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Re: When to set a wedding date during 1L

Postby duckmoney » Sun Mar 13, 2011 5:57 pm

Interested as well.


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Re: When to set a wedding date during 1L

Postby seatown12 » Sun Mar 13, 2011 6:01 pm

I would do spring break because it's relatively easy to work ahead or make up studying but I wouldn't want to explain to an employer that I need to miss the first week of the summer program. Most people go out of town during spring break anyway.


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Re: When to set a wedding date during 1L

Postby pehaigllleises » Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:22 pm

I got married as a 1L to a general surgery intern. I got married during OCI, and obviously I don't recommend that. But even in a hostile program it was still easy as pie for him to get time off for his own wedding, so we planned more around my schedule and the health insurance calendar. He just should be ready to let them know as soon as possible after he matches.

Ideally I'd recommend tying the knot a week before school starts up again for 2L year, so long as that doesn't coincide with OCI, and taking the honeymoon later, up to a year later if necessary. I personally am glad that I didn't do it too close to the end of spring quarter/semester. The last few weeks before the wedding are really stressful if you can't afford a planner, and I put on some weight at the end of 1L year that I had the rest of the summer to lose.

Congrats and good luck!


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Re: When to set a wedding date during 1L

Postby MoonshineJoe » Mon Mar 14, 2011 10:35 pm

I suppose I may be outing myself, but I also suppose it doesn't much matter.

I got married two weeks after finals my 1L year. It basically sank any chance I had of competing seriously in GULC's journal write on competition, though someone with superior stress management/organization could probably have pulled it off. I also worked with my wife to get as much as possible done and planned prior to May 1. After that I made it very clear that I was going to be busy with school and preparing for finals. It actually worked out pretty well and ended up being a great way to start the summer.

As pehaigllleises said, I would highly recommend having the ceremony before returning for your 2L year. You want to put yourself in the best possible position to succeed during OCI. Thinking about your wedding vendors while trying to convince Dewey Cheatham & Howe to hire you for the summer is just going to add to the stress.

Oh, and congratulations!

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Re: When to set a wedding date during 1L

Postby wiseowl » Tue Mar 15, 2011 2:36 am

best time IMO is spring break. either june or january results in finals stress + pre-wedding stress which would be completely unmanageable.

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Re: When to set a wedding date during 1L

Postby Grizz » Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:05 am

Not around this time next year so you can participate in the awesome and enlightening rankings threads



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Re: When to set a wedding date during 1L

Postby sidhesadie » Sat Mar 19, 2011 6:43 pm

I got engaged in February and we're getting married in July of THIS year for mostly this reason. Little slammed on the planning now, but better now than after August and for the next 3 years, I figure.

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