Summer Employment Conundrum

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Summer Employment Conundrum

Postby Baylan » Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:37 pm

Quick background:
I'm a 1L at a "good" TTT. First semester I got decent/good grades (top 20-25%ish based off of last year's numbers ranks - three well above median grades and one below median grade).

I was a little freaked out about summer employment starting about three weeks ago, ended up getting an interview through a classmate of mine (relative works as a judge) and was offered the position last Friday. Position is 2-3 days week, would be for credit, in an area of law I'm mildly interested in, but the experience would be pretty limited. Little research, very little responsibility, and would mostly be fact-based work with the case files.

Since last Friday, I've lined up 3 interviews for the end of this week, some of which would be more interesting and all of which would likely lead to better legal experience (Office of the AG - corrections department, would spend time in a prison, one in-house job for a manufacturer, another in-house type job at an insurance company).

The Judge I interviewed with did not give a specific time for me to decide, simply saying to get back to her when I'd made a decision, but to let her know so that she could make arrangements for the summer. My conundrum is - how long can I hold out/wait, and how can I push for a quick resolution of my coming interviews? Judge is on vacation this week and is out of town, so there is no concerns about this week, but I'm curious where the etiquette line lies.

Thanks for any help/advice

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Re: Summer Employment Conundrum

Postby kswiss » Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:07 pm

Just ask him, he's not going to hold the fact that you have some interviews against you. People know that you are going to have multiple interviews. Tell him so, and if he needs to hear sooner, then make your decision.

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