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Re: Mac Programs for Law School

Postby alicecarroll » Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:58 pm

Void wrote:I used a mac and Word for all three years. Used office mac. Worked perfectly. Your notes are only for the purpose of creating an outline at the end of the semester. As long as you take decent enough class notes so that you can read and understand them later, you're fine. Lots of people come into class during the first month planning all kinds of fancy notetaking and organization, but by the time you're a 3L you'll realize it was all a waste of time and energy. Just jot down the main subject during class, then turn your notes into an outline before the exam. Boom. Done.

Oh my gosh, yes thank you! I wasted hours searching for the "perfect" noting taking program before law school, thinking it was so very important...almost everyone I know (including me) switched to just using a plain old word doc for notes and outlining. When I outline I hyperlink (which is faster than navigating through a bunch of nested bullet points anyway). I've worked on one note before and that would be fine in terms of keeping all your notes in one place, but for goodness sake, running bootcamp or crossover is horrible many headaches..not needed and not worth it. Save your time and money....word or pages is fine!

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