Why BigLaw?

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Re: Why BigLaw?

Postby uwb09 » Fri Jan 07, 2011 7:04 pm

BobSacamano wrote:
uwb09 wrote:sorry your experience sucked, I have an immediate family member who has worked at a V100 for 20 years, and a first cousin who has worked at a V20 in Chicago and DC the last 5 years, and their experience, along with other lawyer they work with, lean towards my opinion

What makes you think it takes BigLaw to become an "expert" in an area of law? The hours? That's not really a strong case, for some obvious reasons (same hours for less pay elsewhere, hours =/= hours spent acquiring expertise, etc). I guarantee you that just about every lawyer practicing is pretty expert-y in the area they practice in.

when did I say that it "takes BigLaw to become an expert"? I was just saying that it's a quality of Big Law that I liked. I'm obviously not naive to believe that big law is what it's made out to be in fairy tales and movies, but I'm also not so pessimistic about it that I am blind to the pros of Big Law, like most people on here.

Like most things in life, it is what you make of it. Some people have a mindset that Big Law is just soul crushing doc review for 80 hours a week, and can't open up to the fact that maybe with effort there is more to the job, therefore when/if they get their chance at it, that's all they see.

Just like some people just see law school as an unfair and completely random crap-shoot, and don't see the chance to spend three years truly learning and mastering the law, as a stepping stone towards a long career as an attorney.

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