How to get over a brutal final

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Re: How to get over a brutal final

Postby random5483 » Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:10 am

Personally, I don't think it is worth fretting about. You spent the effort and you did as well as you could. Enjoy your break, relax, and have some fun. Remember, you have a whole semester of work ahead of you and you don't want to be burnt out going into the second semester. Plus, if you are lucky you might have a summer internship (or maybe classes) so this might be your last break (of more than a week) for the next 6-12 months.

I have no idea how I did on my finals. I think I did well in most of them, but I am not sure. I had the same feeling when I took my two midterms and I scored the top grade in one and tied for the second in the other. But, midterms are not finals. I could spend the break fretting about my grades or I can enjoy my break. I choose the latter and so should you.

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Re: How to get over a brutal final

Postby XxSpyKEx » Tue Dec 14, 2010 2:33 am

Mroberts3 wrote:
LSHPFL10 wrote:
XxSpyKEx wrote:
ToTransferOrNot wrote:The First Law Of Law School Exams

Grades on law school exams are inversely related to how you feel you did on said exam.


If you think you did great, you probably did terrible. If you walk out thinking you failed and are desperately hoping for some kind of a C, you probably had the highest grade in the class. This is all a direct consequence of the grade curve.

In other words, OP, go celebrate because you probably got an A+ on that exam.

Is this the case because everyone else also feels bad about how they performed, but your "bad" was just better relative to their "bad"?

I've heard plenty of times that how you did is inversely related to how you actually do, but I have always been confused on the reason for this relationship.

Anyone care to elaborate? Or is it an as-yet unexplained phenomenon?

As a 1L I have no experience with this, however, I suspect its a product of selective memory. Its the same reason poker players have "lucky hands" like Jack-4 off suit and hate AA because "they always lose."

When you feel you did well and you do, you forget about it. If someone asks about the exam you say "thankfully i did well." If you think you bombed and get an A- and someone asks you say "wow, I thought I failed but somehow i did well." Your brain is literally doing a double take and so you remember it very clearly and the rest gets lost.

The 2nd explanation that combines with the 1st is the curve. If you thought it was easy, then maybe others did too and all of a sudden a test you rocked nets you a B. Not bad, but certainly not what you expected. Again, you remember it because it didn't conform to expectations.

Anyway, I'm highly suspicious of the correlation people claim is going on here. I don't know how to feel about the 2 tests I've taken so far, but if I had to choose good or bad I'd say good because I knew what the issues were and applied law to fact as much as I could. I wouldn't be totally surprised to be median, though. I'm sure I'll remember it more clearly if I am median or below, however, because I conceptually don't know how I would have done any better.

Not exactly. You don’t just “forget” about your exams. Also, people here are talking about how they felt about the exams basically walking out of the test room (not much later when they actually got grades).

I think someone already mentioned this, but I’d say the worse you feel you did relative to other, the better you probably did. E.g. I recall walking out of my civ pro exam my 2nd semester of law school just praying that I get a C- on it (thinking I just bombed the fuck out of it), and as I’m walking outside this dude in my class is going off about how he just “owned that exam.” Then I talked to my one buddy about how he felt about it and he said he thought he did pretty damn well as well. When grades came out, I had an A, my buddy had a C+, and I wouldn’t be completely surprised if the dude bragging about how he owned the exam got a C- (but this was at a t3, so around half the class was forced to a C+ or lower (B- curve)).

You can’t predict grades based on how you thought you did. You might as well just forget about exams once you’re done with them and assume you just got C-s across the board, and then you’ll probably be happily surprised when grades to come out (like a 1- 1 ½ months from now – grades take forever to get back).

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Re: How to get over a brutal final

Postby ntugwater » Tue Dec 14, 2010 5:30 am

First of all, this argument is hilarious. I'm not sure why people are even taking the time to dignify it

Second, you stop thinking about your final. You don't know how you did and nothing you do now will affect it. Just forget about it until you get your grade. Once you see how you did, then you can evaluate yourself and come up with a plan for the next semester

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Re: How to get over a brutal final

Postby savagedm » Tue Dec 14, 2010 6:02 am

I did crim law over the summer (advance start thing) and I seriously thought I rocked it.... turns out I got a B-... these exams feel like they raped me worse than aids. However, my torts exam was fucking monster easy and I also felt I spotted just about 90% of the issues possible (like I asked classmates if they spotted issues dealing with necessity and such, and they were like "oh shit"). I expect a B in torts and hoping to pass with Cs in the rest... this shit be hard :(

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