Just wrote my first midterm, need advice on time constraints

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Just wrote my first midterm, need advice on time constraints

Postby IWantUWO » Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:52 am

Hey guys I just wrote my first 1L midterm in contracts and need help figuring out how to better get what I know on to paper. I was unable to touch on everything I wanted to but I'm not sure how to be more concise without seeming superficial in my analysis.

Is it enough to just say on a given issue for example, X could rely on this case because there was a pre-existing duty thus making it unenforceable. Y might argue thats not true because of the exception this case. X has a more persuasive argument though because of this case showing how it is still uneforceable in particular circumstances even with that exception. Then just move on in my essay to other pastures?

I think I lost time because instead of doing the above, I separated out all of X's arguments, then Y's because Y was my clinet and ultimately the question was to advise him so I thought why not give the other side then tell my my client how to counter.

I know it does depend on professors, but when a professor packs alot into an exam , what do you guys do? Is there specific techniques to writing concisely or tips you have?

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Re: Just wrote my first midterm, need advice on time constraints

Postby rayiner » Mon Oct 18, 2010 11:00 am

By and large, you don't have time to write nice little separate sides like that. Don't waste your time doing that.

Also, it's almost never right to just be like "the rule in X case." You don't need the case name, but you need to restate the rule in some way. Don't make the professor try and figure out if you really know the substance of the rule you're referring to.

NB: Some professors do not give typical law school exams. They want memo-like organization and references to cases. Most professors are not like this.

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