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Re: seriously..

Postby goosey » Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:09 am

Thanks for the advice everyone. There seems to be an assumption that I'm wasting time briefing--not the case. I'm wasting time doing nothing. I don't brief in the traditional method and it takes about 5 minutes for me to brief my cases. I read them carefully and take notes in the book--some classes it takes me longer to get through the reading than others, but at the end of it I understand the material and don't ever wind up feeling totally lost in class. Class usually just feels like a repition of what I already knew + the professors idiosyncracies.

Also, I am always amazed when people say something is wrong. Flashcards are what I am using to memorize my outlines..I don't want to refer
back to them during exams..I want to write during exams. Not to mention, I have a closed book torts exam, so I REALLY need to memorize stuff for torts.
Aside from that, I do things like "explain how burger king can be used as a consent argument" or "why does international shoe not apply to tag jurisdiction"
to cement in concepts and main points the professor brought up so that they will be 2nd nature on exams and I can weave them into my answers ("because X was served while in the forum state, the Int'l Shoe test is not necessary. Transients can benefit from emergency care, police, and the courts while they are in the state. It seems only fair that these privileges give rise to obligations, and thus the forum state would have authority over X if he was served while in the state under tag jurisdiction"

I'd rather have all that in my head from now until finals so I don't forget it than either 1) learn it two weeks before or 2) try and form the idea on the spot, either of which runs the risk of being so stressed out that I forget. I've always learned better by teaching people the concepts--flashcards help me "teach" without actually having someone to teach..its like schitzo teaching. And so yeah, maybe its not 2nd grade, but its not mars either--law school is still SCHOOL and you need to KNOW the concepts before you can actually apply them. However one learns those concepts is what works for them, no need to change up how you study just because its law school. Half of the process is what we've been doing our whole lives--learning material. Why are flashcards "wrong" if they help achieve that

And lol at stick figure flashcards..clearly, I am doing it wrong hahaha. I need some animation on my cards..

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Re: seriously..

Postby kalvano » Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:31 am

romothesavior wrote:Seriously, WTF?

Also, 4:45 AM? What does the world look like at 4:45?

The back of my eyelids.


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Re: seriously..

Postby beach_terror » Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:14 pm

Desert Fox wrote:
goosey wrote:
kazu wrote:
Desert Fox wrote: You spend 4 hours a day commuting. That is fucking terrible.


its actually my best study time, since there is no internet and for some reason I just block the world out on the train and get a lot done..the only wasted time in there is the time spent getting to the train station and/or transferring trains..otherwise it provides a nice solid block of time to get stuff done

as to efficiency---I am far from efficient (as is evidenced by my being on tls right now complaining about being inefficient..) If I was doing what I was supposed to be doing, I could probably sleep in an extra hour...

i use google chrome...any such apps for chrome?

Yea for chrome I think it's called "self control".

Why aren't you studying all 4 hours of your commute?

I tried to find that. :oops:

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