Crandall & Whaley Contracts 5th ed. question

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Crandall & Whaley Contracts 5th ed. question

Postby sethc » Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:21 pm

Our prof is using Crandall & Whaley's 5th edition for class. Is the Farnsworth supplement the best for this book? After week 1, it seems rather intense for me.. anything else out there that might be a little less confusing?

Also.. I apologize in advance if this question is inappropriate for the forum, but, it's worth a shot in my current predicament.

My financial aid hasn't came yet, so I haven't been able to buy the Crandall casebook yet.. does anyone have the 5th ed. that they'd mind scanning a few pages for me? The sole copy the library keeps is overdue and god knows when/if they'll return it this evening. I haven't made any friends to ask for their help yet. I'll be in debt to whoever helps, for sure.

Thanks in advance and once again, sorry if I'm not allowed to post something like this.. don't flame me too hard. :)

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