How often do you go to class completely unprepared?

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Re: How often do you go to class completely unprepared?

Postby vegenator » Fri Nov 19, 2010 6:41 pm

GummiBear wrote:Hey Zugzwang...

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Yay for German & Chess!

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Just a 0L here, so nothing to add to unpreparedness for law school classes, but as a grad student being unprepared for classes absolutely sucked. It didn't happen too often (less than once a week), but most of my classes had under 10 students (all of them under 20). Like one of the posters on the first page mentioned, class goes by so slowly, it's really uncomfortable, and not nearly as interesting when you can't participate.

I know realistically that I won't be prepared for all of my law school classes all of the time, but, I'll do my best to avoid the awkwardness.

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