Law School hypo in The Economist?!

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Law School hypo in The Economist?!

Postby Kobe_Teeth » Thu Jun 10, 2010 12:18 pm

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I was reading The Economist this morning and ran across the above article. My interest, already piqued because of the article's discussion of anything legal, was furthered because the whole thing really just sounded like something that would be found on a law school exam - namely, this paragraph:

Six years ago, he (an immigrant, but now full U.S. citizen) sold a Chevy Silverado to a man who agreed to pay for it in installments. Before the truck was paid off, the buyer was arrested for drunken driving. It was his third such arrest, so he was sent to prison and the police seized the truck. Mr Ali applied to get it back. He pointed out that he still held title to the vehicle, and that since the buyer had stopped making payments on it, he was entitled to reclaim it. But the government refused.

It seems as if it combines a couple different areas of law, such as Criminal and Property, so I don't know if its exactly what would be found in a law school exam but I thought people might find it interesting anyway. Enjoy!

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