Advice for Returning (Dropped) 1L

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Advice for Returning (Dropped) 1L

Postby thermans » Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:51 pm

[Just a disclaimer - originally, I wanted to go to law school to work in public interest and with nonprofits or government. I'm not planning on BigFirm, so while grades are obviously important (to keep me in), my aim isn't to work at a Big Firm.]

I was a 1L at GGU from 08-09 and was disqualified to return because of inadequate grades. I did ok my first semester (A, B, B, C) and then had a meltdown the second (C, C, C, C, B). I moved back home and decided not to return to GGU to continue as a 2L/3L there. I knew exactly why my grades went down so drastically, and I did not petition to return to that school.

Currently, I work at a Big Firm doing litigation support. I am close to receiving a paralegal certificate simply so I can earn more money to pay off that ginormous debt, since most firms consider me a Legal Assistant/Paralegal for finishing that first year of law school. My question to you is: aside from State Bar regulations (requiring disqualified JD candidates to wait 2 years before reapplying to school), how and what should I do in the meantime to make my re-application stronger? Is it worthwhile taking the First Year Examiner's Bar (baby bar) or should I retake my LSAT (average). My creds were a 3.4UGPA and 151 LSAT score.

Advice would be great, thanks!

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