Kaplan 1l success package

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Kaplan 1l success package

Postby lovelaw27 » Sat Jan 30, 2010 11:37 am

Did anyone buy this? It includes multiple choice questions, outlines etc. I heard kaplan final series (like Kaplan PMBR FINALS: Torts: Core Concepts and Key Questions) has the hardest multiple choice questions and that I should get it. I was wondering if the multiple choice questions in kaplan 1l success package where that same as in their final series because the 1l sucess package give multiple choice questions for the major 6 1l classes and only cost $100. If the questions are about the same I would buy that instead of each book in the final series.

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Re: Kaplan 1l success package

Postby Nazrix » Sat Jan 30, 2010 5:55 pm

I didn't like any of the MC books, we don't really have MC questions, but once in a rare while, or they are a very small portion. MC is no dif than essay in that it is particular to your prof, those MC books seem to usually be ok ways to study, but lack the structure of the MC tests that i have seen, which vary hugely.

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Re: Kaplan 1l success package

Postby apper123 » Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:19 pm

Kaplan PMBR really helped me prepare for my MC Torts and Property finals. I'll be using it this semester for Contracts.

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