So screwed, taking my wife, children and co-signers with me

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So screwed, taking my wife, children and co-signers with me

Postby Throwaway99 » Thu Apr 24, 2014 4:09 pm

I once was very successful. So successful that if everything stayed the way it was, I could have retired by 40 and had a very good life. The recession destroyed me. I lost 30 million in assets, my retirement, my home, my business. My industry was gone and I needed to change careers. I was told by everyone, including lawyers that I should go to law school. I couldn't get a job anymore because the industry I worked no longer existed. There is no feeling like having your home taken away from you.

So I did. I went to law school and have done well. I have racked up debt because I had no other way to pay for school. I had lost everything. It has been extremely trying on myself and family. My family and I had to move back in with my parents. I disclosed to the bar association when I applied for law school that I would have to declare bankruptcy to clear up judgment for real estate I owned. There was no other way because these judgments were in the tens of millions of dollars. I would have to declare bankruptcy regardless if going to law school or not. The BAR said it would be ok.

Now I am graduating in a few weeks. I don't see how I will ever get admitted to the BAR. I have to disclose everything and the more rocks I turn the more comes up. State agencies filing liens because they just can. One state says I owe 20,000 in department of labor fees for years the business was closed. HOW THE FUCK CAN I OWE LABOR FEES ON EMPLOYEES I DON'T FUCKING HAVE!!! I can't fight it because I don't have the money too. So they just assess and I have to disclose and say I tried to fight, but I couldn't anymore. Another lawsuit, guy claims I owe a real estate commission on a property I never sell. But shit lets just file another judgment against him, he can't fight it!. Just another to disclose. Maybe we can get some money off his dead carcass that's left after everyone picks it clean.

My bar application will be somewhere between 1500 - 2000 pages. Everything that happens I have to disclose. A guy sues me, well lets make him look back and claim FRAUD!!! The judge will love to see that. NEVERMIND THAT YOU BORROWED MONEY ON YOUR COMMERCIAL BUILDING AND SNORTED IT UP YOUR FUCKING NOSE! But its my fault, so lets sue for fraud. Yeah the judge dismisses it, but I get to disclose it now!.

I have hired an ethics attorney who helps with the bar application process. He is said he has never seen an application like mine. So I am trying to do everything I can. I am looking under every rock, searching county records in 4 states. Every time I look, I find more bullshit. I haven't slept in 2 weeks. I am trying to get this in on time. I can't focus on papers and finals. I afraid I have just took my wife and kids down the road of poverty. People who have cosigned me loans, relatives that trusted me I may have destroyed.

Yeah I am too chicken shit to do it. I know I am worth more dead than alive. I have checked. Because I made so much money, if I died my wife and kids would get great social security checks. My loans would be forgiven so my co-signers would be ok.

I can't talk to anybody about this. So I am hoping and praying that a miracle the BAR will let me in conditionally. I am a good person. I didn't steal or commit fraud or do anything. If I did, I would not be here today. So I vented here, please forgive me. I need to try and keep my sanity and get through this. But all I feel is that is a waste and I am nothing more than a piece of stupid shit.



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Re: So screwed, taking my wife, children and co-signers with me

Postby muskies970 » Thu Apr 24, 2014 4:18 pm

You may be worth more on paper dead than alive, but you are worth so much more to your family as a father/ husband alive than any monetary sum.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation, but it sounds like you are handling it ethically and as best you can, which is very admirable and no one can fault you for.

Feel free to vent more, if you need to talk more you can PM me as well. I will be sending positive vibes your way, good luck man.


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Re: So screwed, taking my wife, children and co-signers with me

Postby NYSprague » Thu Apr 24, 2014 10:42 pm

You aren't screwed yet. Just disclose everything you know about.

Is there any criminal charge? Or just winding up businesses? Your application may be complex but it doesn't sound so insurmountable.

Did you have a decent attorney helping you with winding up your business? It's complicated but you should be able to explain everything.

Just be really organized.

If it helps, I know people who have been admitted who have had charges brought against them by their law school.

If you have to, delay until February when everything is ready.

If you ran a complex business, you can do this. It is just another process to get through, so manage it.
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Re: So screwed, taking my wife, children and co-signers with me

Postby suzige » Thu Apr 24, 2014 10:50 pm

I have no advice really... Just wanted to also send positive thoughts/good vibes your way.

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