summer internship input

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summer internship input

Postby mazz » Thu Apr 05, 2012 2:57 pm

I'm currently weighing two offers, with a third possibly on the table from a city court judge (she has been pretty flakey in getting back to me)

the first is w/ the MTA torts division. this will afford me heavy litigation and legal writing experience

the second is with federal defenders, but i would have to move upstate.

the third, as mentioned above, is up in the air and I am not depending on it.

I am also beginning classes this summer so i can sit for the patent bar in 2014. I'd like to eventually work in IP in some capacity, possibly in a public interest capacity. none of these positions directly pertain to this long term goal, which makes me think i should just stick to the MTA since i wouldn't have to move.


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