1L Fall Semester Grades BAD

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1L Fall Semester Grades BAD

Postby Chasingspades » Fri Jan 20, 2012 6:33 pm

Hey guys,

So I go to a top 25 school but I really messed up my fall 1L grades. They were pretty lousy....I basically have a B- GPA at this point. My LSAT score was definitely not indicative of my GPA....(I got a 167).

I'm not sure why I did as bad as I did; I'm chalking it up to inefficient studying (I spent way too much time case briefing), not enough time spent on outlines and questions, the lack of practice tests (only one of my professor gave us a sample exam right before the final); getting a concussion in late October, and not using any supplements (listened to my professors there).

Anyways....I just wanted any advice for improving - I started using supplements and I plan to start on practice problems - and my future job prospects. At this point, I don't even think I'm really competitive for any summer internships....

I'm pretty worried because I think I am screwed. Any advice???? Are there other TLSers in this position or were in my shoes??


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Re: 1L Fall Semester Grades BAD

Postby yuzu » Sun Jan 22, 2012 2:06 am

There are some good threads elsewhere on the forums... basically, go through your exams, talk to profs about what went wrong, and specifically try and address those weaknesses. Did you misunderstand legal points? Fail to spot important issues? Put too much emphasis on minor issues? Run out of time and omit important issues?

Keep in mind that everyone else in your class had high LSATs too. The curve is trying to draw distinctions among very qualified people. Some of them simply managed to write better exams.

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Re: 1L Fall Semester Grades BAD

Postby typ3 » Wed Mar 14, 2012 1:45 am

Solution: do better second semester for your grades. If you can't find summer associate work try finding a professor who will take you on as an RA but that might be difficult to lock down given your grades.

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Re: 1L Fall Semester Grades BAD

Postby a male human » Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:14 am

I was in the same shoes as you... Fall semester I had a B+ B+ B+ C+. Spring I had mostly Cs. Ended up with a B- GPA (a bit lower than that actually).

I didn't use supplements because professors said so, and I didn't trust them over what the professors went over in class. I guess I spent too much time perfecting the grammar in my essays. Didn't use office hours. Focused on unimportant stuff thinking I can take care of everything. Briefed EVERY case (might as well publish a case briefs book). Took notes on post-case notes. Outline too nuanced and missing the simpler broader concepts. Had girlfriend drama the whole year. Ultimately underestimated the power of 1L grades. Most of my professors were awful, too.

I still landed a small firm job (1L) and an in-house position (2L).

The firm job, I initially missed the opportunity because they had filled their needs by the time I applied (found and cold emailed). In May, I got an email asking me if I were still available. The managing partner had gotten a case he needed help on and had my resume, among others, on file. I guess I was the only one without a job (I actually had another one, but that one turned out to be a dud, long story).

During 2L year I raised my GPA by 0.1 or so, so it was still unlisted (i.e., shit). The in-house job I got through a job fair at school. I didn't make the cut at first, but I had gotten the hiring manager's card at the fair. I used that to get in touch with him and got the interview that way. I prepped hard for the interview and got the job. I got an email in JULY from a firm I applied to, asking if I had an internship lined up yet.

The point is that I still don't know why I can't seem to get higher than a B+, but you can still get noticed if you put yourself out there. Like yuzu said, the curve forces small distinctions in ability for the employers' convenience. There's likely little difference between you and the top 10%er in your ability to do the work. Maybe the top10%er is worse at it because they succeeded by rote memorizing and using tricks others taught them. In a way, law school separates those who ALREADY know how law school and law firms work. I mean I drafted a brief for arbitration on my own at the firm, and it got our client a full recovery ($610k award). I learned by getting a shit prof in moot court and applying the lessons from failure and frustration.

Now the true challenge is finding a post-grad job...

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