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Lower T14 vs. CLS

Lower T14
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Lower T14->CLS / HLS

Postby TransferTossAway » Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:02 pm

Considering transferring from smaller T14->CLS (waiting on HLS which I think is basically a nullity at this point). Feel free to comment on whatever aspect of my thinking you agree or disagree with and anything I might have left out. I'm leaning heavily towards transferring. I enabled a poll if one thinks it is really obvious, but I'm really after comments, feedback, and insight. If there's any information I'm missing, please let me know.

Personal factors: significant other lives in New York, going to be going to big law hours after graduate and, while 2L and 3L aren't walks-in-the-park, I place a great deal of value on having these two years.

Cost difference: minimal (please take this to be true; trying to preserve anonymity)
-If my T14 were to boost my scholarship [unlikely], at what point would the cost difference [assume total COA], in your mind, push the T14 or CLS over the edge. I'm waiting to hear back on this front.

Job opportunity differences, Big Law and business roles (down the line): Looked at information and spoke with both offices. It seems this is largely a wash for Big Law right out of school (what I'm planning) and I can bid firms somewhat aggressively at each school due to my grades. While certain firms will treat transfer applicants differently, I will probably be evaluated as a student from my old school which almost every firm I would apply to at CLS recruits at as well... there is one firm on my bidlist that is supposedly unfriendly to transfers. Given this relative wash, I think there might be definite value to the alumni network of CLS in New York (much larger, but then again, perhaps, a smaller network is stronger when one can leverage it even if that's rarer). I also have the possibility of returning to a position after big law where I would have to win clients, and I suspect CLS and Columbia is a slightly stronger name in that respect. Basically, it seems, to me, the big law is a wash in the short term with a moderate advantage to CLS in the long run which is immensely unquantifiable.

Job opportunities, clerking: If I were to clerk right out of law school, I suspect my chances of clerking would be hurt. However, am I wrong to think that if I were to try to clerk after working in big law for a couple years it would not be as big of a deal? I would think one can develop fairly strong relationships with professors in 2L and 3L. The reality is I have some professors that like me, but I think it is a function of speaking with them after class and doing well in their courses (I never really did office hours other than review sessions). Those professors only have one upper level course each (if any).

Law Review: Unlikely to write onto CLR for all intents and purposes (they can offer up to two people, some posts seem to indicate they don't always invite two) but I think a secondary journal is strong likelihood. As to preserve anonymity (I'm unsure what T14 schools have and have not posted results), I'd prefer, if possible, to evaluate this on both fronts - i.e. I got the flagship journal versus I got a strong secondary joural.

Grades: My grades are pretty good but I'm not forfeiting top-of-the-class-rank. I was probably around top 10-15% during the first semester, and due to personal reasons which are 100% resolved now (again, preserving anonymity but rest assured it is resolved), dropped to probably around top 20-25% cumulative (Spring grades were probably around top third).

I would appreciate any and all help. I understand the weirdness of the circumstances but some of the weirder things (i.e. equal COA) were done to anonymize myself while preserving the decision. Ultimately, I do not think I am giving up much but am a practical person and, at a certain point, worry that the cost difference would be plain silly. If the reason COA is equal is necessary to your analysis or thoughts, please PM me. I'll aggregate thoughts and post them in a thread.

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