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Advice on Moving

Postby BOSStongrl » Thu May 31, 2018 10:59 am

I am currently at a T3 in the NYC area and looking to transfer (I already decided I am definitely transferring). I just got my spring grades and I have an overall GPA of 3.63. i don’t have my class rank yet but last semester I had a 3.58 and I was top 11%, so i’m assuming ill be around top 9%.
But my school is about 45 mins outside of NYC and I’m looking to transfer to either Cardozo or Fordham. Fordham is at the upper west side and Cardozo is downtown. For those of you not in the area that is a big difference as far as living and commuting goes. I also know Fordham doesn’t give their decision until about 2-3 weeks until classes begin and my lease is up Sept 1. So I wanted to see what you guys think about me moving closer NOW without even knowing if I get in to either school yet, and specifically what you think my odds are for Dozo and Fordham (I know the 75% for Fordham is 3.48 but i’m not sure how the T3 ranking will factor into my chances.. and 50% for Dozo is 3.1 but I want to see if i’m definitely a “lock” for this school). I keep going back and forth on this decision so any advice is greatly appreciated!

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