Transfer Prospects?

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Transfer Prospects?

Postby Legallylawyer2020 » Sat May 19, 2018 1:33 am

Currently have a 3.6 GPA from a strong T1 (median is about a 3.15-3.3). I am considering applying to NYU, CLS, Penn, UVA, Duke, Chicago and possibly GULC.

My GPA puts me around top 10% based on past years but I may be just outside of top 10%, depending how the breakdown goes this year. I’m hoping my grades from this semester will push me safely within top 10%, but you never know.

Long term goals are Fed clerkship (primary reason for wanting to transfer), and eventually AUSA after Big Law.

Scholarships aren’t a factor for me, as I will not be taking on any debt regardless of whether or not I can get a scholarship from another school.

Does anyone have any advice for me? Other schools I should consider? Honest opinion about transfer chances?


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Re: Transfer Prospects?

Postby wishywashy » Sat May 19, 2018 7:36 am

Below is a quote from Nebby who put together some stats. Note that Nebby doesn't say these are guaranteed admit numbers, just worth an app numbers.
I would apply to everyone of them where your numbers give you a good shot and where you want to be, if you can afford the apps. GULC is worth an app just because they accept a lot of transfers.

Some may disagree with Nebby's numbers but they seem spot on from the previous transfer threads I have read.

Below is my summary of what stats make you competitive for transfer. These are not guaranteed stats, but they are competitive and worth the application.

T14: Top 10%
T1: Top 5%
T2: Top 1%
TTT: Not happening
TTTT: Not happening

T14: Top 15%
T1: Top 10%
T2: Top 5%
TTT: Top of your class
TTTT: Not happening

T14: Top 25%
T1: Top 10%
T2: Top 5%
TTT: Top 1%
TTTT: Not happening

T1: Top 15%
T2: Top 10%
TTT: Top 5%
TTTT: Top 1%

T1: Top 20%
T2: Top 15%
TTT: Top 10%
TTTT: Top 5%


These places either don't take many transfers and they appear to favor instate residents or home state residents (i.e., from California but currently in law school somewhere else). Generally, follow the guidelines for the CLS/NYU/Chi/Penn tier for these schools. Cornell is mostly a waste, though, so it's really not even worth including ITT but I did anyway.


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Re: Transfer Prospects?

Postby nrthwst4now » Sat May 19, 2018 7:11 pm

I think the posted stats error a little on the high end but are good markers. Personally, I went from 5% at a TTT to a M/V/B school. Your origin school will help as well. Nothing to do but apply and see what happens. Good luck!

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