Transfering to UW a good idea?

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Transfering to UW a good idea?

Postby lawschoolistheworst » Sun Feb 25, 2018 7:11 pm

I'm a current student at Seattle University School of Law, and I would like to transfer to UW to complete my JD. I am, however, unsure whether transferring is in my best interests. I will include in this post my reasons for wanting to transfer, as well as my current stats and activities.

Why I want to transfer:
- Seattle University is honestly not a great school. I don't feel all that challenged, and I'm surrounded by people who should not be in law school.
- I think I'd have better job prospects as a UW grad, especially considering I want to stay in Seattle after graduating.
- I'm completely fed up with the students and administration at SU, and I just want to be done with them.

- Top 10% of class after fall semester
- I am on the executive board of several organizations, including ADR/Moot Court (I won't say specifically which to maintain confidentiality.).
- I have a fairly strong reputation among faculty and administration.
- I landed a fairly prestigious internship for the summer.
- I have a very good scholarship. It's not a full ride, but it's slightly more than half of my tuition.

My biggest concern is that I can't see myself becoming as established or building as strong of a reputation at UW. And being a top student at SU does not mean I'll be a top student at UW. I want to make the most cost-effective decision, even if that means paying more tuition to increase earning power in the future. I would love to read any advice people would like to share.


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Re: Transfering to UW a good idea?

Postby clshopeful » Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:05 pm

You should compare 509 reports and see if UW's employment statistics are that much better than SU's, and then decide. I remember looking at them and they were not too different at all.


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Re: Transfering to UW a good idea?

Postby nrthwst4now » Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:01 pm

I remember looking at UW while I was considering transferring and it was murky, at best, as to whether it would have been worth it. The percentages on the 509 are the best information to help make this decision. UW is like 10K less per year because of its status as a public school though . . . I will say transferring is not just about your first job but having the degree for the long term.

Also, if you can get closer to top 5% you can apply to the t13 (if you are able to move).

- I'm completely fed up with the students and administration at SU, and I just want to be done with them.

What could be so bad about those two groups, even if it is, there are students and faculty at all law schools ;)

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