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T2.. transfer possibilities despite low class rank?

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:17 pm
by jpswrigley
I have a 3.0 at a higher T2 school as of my fall semester. The GPA cut-offs for class ranks are not released until the end of the year, but historically the top 10% is ~3.6, 25% is ~3.4, and 50% is ~3.2. The absolute best case scenario for me would be to land around the top 25% at the end of this semester.

However, even if I'm closer to the median for my school with a 3.2, am I really SOL for transferring to schools between T18-30 due to my low class rank?

Looking at the ABA 509s for schools like U Minnesota, WUSTL, Notre Dame, and Emory, the 50th percentile 1L GPAs for transfers are all around a 3.2. Further, the schools that students transferred from on the ABA 509 report all have class rank cut-offs similar to mine. I've noticed the sentiment here and on other forums for people transferring from T2s to schools like WUSTL is that you need to be in the top 10-15% of your class to have a shot, but the numbers aren't making sense here. I understand that a TTT/TTTT that curves extremely low could skew the ABA 509 report, but some reports have a negligible amount of students transferring from schools of that tier.