Experience transferring from T4 to T1

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Experience transferring from T4 to T1

Postby Willowstickss » Wed Apr 12, 2017 3:04 pm

I am transferring from a T4 to a T1 (already have been accepted), and just wanted to hear some experiences from people who have done it.

As my 1L year comes to an end, I'm getting increasingly nervous about the transition!

How was experience in reference to your classmates, competition, summer jobs, post-grad employment/salary, law review and moot court, etc.

Thanks for any input or advice!


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Re: Experience transferring from T4 to T1

Postby foregetaboutdre » Wed Apr 12, 2017 3:13 pm

Transfer here.

1. Make sure you do your incoming school's write on/get info how to do that.
2. Same for OCI.
3. Can't say much about moot court, but again inquire your school.
4. Classmates - my transfer school had a big transfer class (e.g. over 15 people) so it was easy to find transfer friends as well as 2L friends. However, the first day of class DOES feel weird/isolating. Everyone talks to each other (because they finished 1L), but you're kind of anonymous for awhile. It's not bad and easy to make 2L friends.
5. Summer jobs - Massmail in the summer and do OCI. I got a job in September through massmail, but still had some promising CBs that I canceled from OCI/symplicity postings.
6. Salary - I'm in a secondary market so what that pays. If you're going T1 I'd imagine you want to stay in the T1s market. T14 is a different story (same for like Vandy). I have transfer friends going to NYC making market. It's not what I wanted to do though.

Last thing I'd say is be wary of where you're transferring to (it's still early). Make sure its in your market. Make sure it'll give you a better shot at employment. Make sure you can afford it. Also make sure you applied to the T14/regionals like ND/WUSTL/Vandy in your market if you're going to pay sticker anyway.

Edit** From your history it looks like you're going to go to UF/FSU. If you're a FL resident this advice might be different (b/c of the great instate costs), but I'd strongly consider throwing an app at Vandy (if the money is right/you don't have a SO or family in FL you want to be close to) if you're paying sticker b/c it's so early. I wouldn't recommend Emory b/c UF/FSU are probably better for FL tbh.

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