Loyola LA (50% 2yrs) vs. USD(25% 1yr)

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USD 25% 1 yrs, LMU 50% 2 yrs

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Loyola LA (50% 2yrs) vs. USD(25% 1yr)

Postby rudejudethedude » Wed Jul 27, 2016 5:56 pm

TLS, i need some serious advice.

I have recently been admitted to Loyola in LA with a 50% scholarship for two years. (low contingency top 75% to keep)
I was pretty set on transferring to USD with the 25% for 1 year scholly they offered me, but now I'm seriously rethinking this.

I want to get into big law (for tax so either big 4 or big law) and I know i've missed first round OCI for both schools, but I think with my resume I can send it out and hopefully get some call backs.

I'm originally from LA, and planned on working either in LA or SD depending on the job offers. I would also be able to live at home if I go to loyola so I would be saving a ton of money in housing. I am already 72k deep since I had to pay back my scholarship to CWSL.

What are your thoughts?? I need to make a decision very soon. I'd also like to add that I really like living in SD and I have a solid group of friends in both cities.


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Re: Loyola LA (50% 2yrs) vs. USD(25% 1yr)

Postby eyeofvigilence » Sat Aug 13, 2016 1:34 am

What'd you end up doing?

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