Top 15% transfer from Gtown/UT/Vandy to HYS?

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A. Nony Mouse

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Re: Top 15% transfer from Gtown/UT/Vandy to HYS?

Postby A. Nony Mouse » Sun Apr 12, 2015 4:54 pm

Anonymous User wrote:So here's what I'm seeing...

1. COA clerkship is probably not happening whether or not I stay.
2. Academia is probably not happening unless I grind out some legit publications whether or not I stay.
3. Because I "couldn't get in" HYS the first time around, transferring is probably not happening. (I didn't apply to HYS for 1L, fyi).

I dunno about the comment regarding my clerkship opportunities. I think I have a decent chance where I am now of getting COA and pretty good chance of getting district, and I find it hard to believe those chances would not increase with a better school...Is this delusional?

#2 is definitely true.

I don't think anyone has said #3, just more that if you didn't have the qualifications to get into HYS to begin with, you may not have the kind of resume that gets people into academia these days. HYS (probably moreseo YS) are picky enough about selecting people with the kind of stellar softs that funnel well into academia that not getting into those schools suggests you may be a little behind the 8 ball. But if you didn't apply to begin with, that argument may all be moot.

As for clerkship chances increasing with a better school - yes and no. Being, say, a top 5 student at a good school, with the accolades that go along with that, is likely to get you further than median at HYS. Of course, you're (apparently) not a top 5 student at the moment, nor are you guaranteed median at HYS, but it's still something to consider. Logistically, the way hiring works these days, it's a bit difficult for transfers to line up recommenders from their new schools, and to show the track record of grades at that school that will best help you capitalize on the better school name, in time to get hired for post-graduation, so you may make things more difficult for yourself.


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Re: Top 15% transfer from Gtown/UT/Vandy to HYS?

Postby BigZuck » Sun Apr 12, 2015 4:58 pm

From what I understand, "I actually kinda like my LRW class, believe it or not" doesn't mean you'll ever have anything even approximating a shot at legal academia.

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Re: Top 15% transfer from Gtown/UT/Vandy to HYS?

Postby shifty_eyed » Sun Apr 12, 2015 5:20 pm

zombie mcavoy wrote:Why do you think you're in a decent position to get COA? I mean, I hope that's true, for the both of us, but I have never seen anything, in this thread or elsewhere, that says such things for dudes in top 15 percent at UT/Vandy.

The UT law's website for clerkship information (behind UT EID log in) suggests that COA is very unlikely with top 15%. I do think LR and a prof who loves you w/ a connection to a judge could make it happen at ~ 15%, possibly. But I think generally you need to be top 5% or so. Also, OP only has 1 semester of grades. ~Top 15% could go up or down quite significantly after exams.


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Re: Top 15% transfer from Gtown/UT/Vandy to HYS?

Postby BigZuck » Sun Apr 12, 2015 6:00 pm

shifty_eyed wrote:could go up or down quite significantly after exams.

Can confirm.

Turn one A into a B+ (easily done in a tightly curved/staircase method class) and keeping all other grades exactly the same can lead to a healthy tumble down the class rankings.

Anonymous User
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Re: Top 15% transfer from Gtown/UT/Vandy to HYS?

Postby Anonymous User » Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:15 pm

Since a lot of UT folks seem to be responding, I'll just admit I go to Vanderbilt.

Regarding my feeling that top 15% will be a decent chance for COA here, its based on what individual professors have told me. My impression is that if I keep my grades decent and continue to do well in classes with them, they have the right networks to make things happen. But, as you guys pointed out, things can change dramatically after finals.

Additionally, the top 15% is obviously an estimate, but again, that's just what I've been told by professors. I assume they have a better idea of what grades equate to what level in the class than I do. It sounds like we're similar to UT in that we have a top 20% deans list at the end of each semester, but I think our GPA systems are totally different. I know UT also has a 4.30 scale, but my friends there have told me that people actually get 4.0+ whereas a 4.0 here is a unicorn, let alone 4.0+. I believe our Coif cutoff is around a 3.6, if that's any indication.

To the folks that appear to be at UT, I have a cousin that graduated from UT a couple years ago and got COA with a lower 3.8ish. I don't know what % that is down there, or if the grading system has changed since then, but if thats lower than top 15%, I suppose you still have a chance?

Thanks again for the wisdom guys.


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zombie mcavoy

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Re: Top 15% transfer from Gtown/UT/Vandy to HYS?

Postby zombie mcavoy » Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:22 pm

tough to say as the distribution is harder to estimate the farther above top 25% you go but that's probably top 10% at UT.

And, yeah, I know a guy with a ~4.15 after the first semester. Kind of silly.


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Re: Top 15% transfer from Gtown/UT/Vandy to HYS?

Postby arklaw13 » Mon Apr 13, 2015 6:27 pm

Vandy 2L here.

If you want more specific information about this stuff, pm me.

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