Transferring school after being on a leave of absence

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Transferring school after being on a leave of absence

Postby lawbug123 » Mon Mar 02, 2015 10:53 pm

I was at Illinois starting as class of 2015. I took a leave of absence to pursue a M.A. There is a possibility I can get in to a PhD program at Indiana University - and I wanted to pursue a joint JD/PhD at Indiana. However, my first semester GPA wasn't so great - it was a 2.9 but that was because I was juggling a couple of other things and trying to figure things out.

I wanted to contact Indiana but I was not sure what my chances are. My MA gpa is decent at 3.6, and I am sure I'll get strong LOR as well as have a thesis written that will be put in for publication. Undergrad GPA was 3.7 ..

I was wondering if any of you guys would know the chances of getting into the JD program at Indiana given all my circumstances and experience.

Oh, I was previously admitted to Indiana but choose Illinois because I received scholarship as well as the tuition was much cheaper because it was not out of state for me like Indiana was...

Thank you!


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Re: Transferring school after being on a leave of absence

Postby Snuffles1 » Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:28 pm

FWIW I don't think the MA affects your chances much. Even PhDs, maybe excepting STEM fields, tend not to change peoples' odds significantly. If you were otherwise middle of the road at X you might get in because of the degree, or you might get slightly more money at a lower school, but you're unlikely to get in at Z where you never had a shot based on your numbers just because you have the advanced degree. A published MA thesis *might* affect your chances -- but probably only if it's already published when you apply. So you're back to usual stats like GPA, LSAT etc.

It's hard to say how the leave of absence will affect you -- in all honesty I think it's some combination of what the reason was, how you can spin it, and what the adcom who reads your app had for breakfast that day. Since you can't factor it in with much certainty, you're probably back to considering the usual stats (barring some very compelling or very damaging story).

The bigger questions, I think, are why you want to go back to law school and why you might want to do a JD/PhD.

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