transfer opinions - not T14 related

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transfer opinions - not T14 related

Postby Anonymous User » Thu Jan 29, 2015 4:57 pm

Hi everyone!

I am a 1L at Syracuse University College of Law on a full tuition scholarship. I went here for undergrad and committed early because of the JD/MBA option that did not require you apply for both programs simultaneously, and accepted the GRE instead of only GMAT. After further consideration, I no longer feel the need for the joint degree as my scholarship will not apply for the extra year of schooling.

As a NJ resident within commuting distance to both Rutgers Newark and Camden, that was my second (and cheaper option, after realizing living expenses) since they also awarded me full tuition scholarships. However, after enjoying Syracuse's undergrad experience so much and receiving a raise at my on-campus job up here, I chose Syracuse instead (plus the JD/MBA consideration).

I am now highly considering transferring. I am aware both Syracuse and Rutgers fall near each other in rankings - that's not my concern. Rather, in general I am extremely unhappy up here. I feel isolated both from my family, who are all located within New Jersey/NYC area, and from NYC itself, where I plan on working. Specifically, my grandfather's sick and its extremely difficult for me to come home, even for just a weekend - I have my dog here with me so my only option is to drive. I have regretted committing to Syracuse since the summer, but I already signed a ten-month lease, so couldn't change my decision. Further, if I do stay here, my alternative plan of action is to participate in our school's DC semester internship program for my 2L and 3L fall semester, and likely do a visiting semester at Rutgers my 3L Spring - really trying to stay here as little as possible.

My first semester grades put me about within the top third of the class. Specifically, I have a 3.0 GPA I plan on improving this semester. Thoughts on transferring? I would only be applying to Rutgers Newark and Camden, as I do not see paying 50-60k at a slightly better NYC school, if accepted, for the next two years to be worth it.

Also, I want to do compliance law - my resume is relatively strong for a 1L coming straight from law school, and I hopefully secured a position with the SEC in NYC this summer (waiting after a final round interview). Not sure if this matters.

In summation, here's my pros/cons:

I would commute from home, no living expenses
I'm close to my family
Geographical location (close to NYC)
I can return part-time to my paid seasonal job at a local law firm

I would lose my scholarship
Potentially no law review/difficulty with extracurriculars - I am currently a student ambassador and E-board member of the Federalist Society up here, and though moot court doesn't interest me I would like to be a part of some sort of journal
Having to pay approx. $20k in tuition/yr (in-state)

Sorry this is long-winded, I'm just extremely conflicted as to what I should do.

thank you!


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Re: transfer opinions - not T14 related

Postby nick417 » Thu Jan 29, 2015 10:41 pm

I am at Rutgers-Camden.

We had a transfer student join main Journal this year. I am not sure the process for transfer students, but it is possible.

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