Want to practice in Seattle: transferring to Boalt?

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Want to practice in Seattle: transferring to Boalt?

Postby Anonymous User » Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:51 pm

Is transferring to Boalt worth it if I want to practice in Seattle?

I just finished up first semester at a T25 and did pretty well. We don't get rankings until the end of 1L, but, based on last year's class, I'm probably around top 10% or so right now. I'm hoping for big law post graduation and, although people here with my rank generally do okay for biglaw placement, they don't do fantastic. Ideally, I'm hoping to end up in Seattle (yes, I have ties - albeit not super strong ones). My school has a decent number of alums in Seattle at firms and companies, but most of them lateraled there later in life & I'd rather not have to move markets in 10 years if possible.

I'm currently on a full-tuition scholarship with no stips, so I'm not willing to transfer unless I really feel like that school can give me an edge in the market I want to practice (since Seattle is so insular I know I will struggle to get into the market no matter where I go.)

I know most of the big Seattle law firms recruit at Boalt, which is the primary reason I am considering them, but I can't find any stats on if any of them actually get hired. Any thoughts on whether this move would be worthwhile?


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Re: Want to practice in Seattle: transferring to Boalt?

Postby xfer999 » Sat Jan 17, 2015 4:12 pm

Consider contacting your alumni, introducing yourself, and asking them for general advice on breaking into the Seattle market from your current school. It might give you info for how difficult it will be from your current school (i.e. how seriously you should consider transferring), and, hell, maybe you'll hit off and talk your way into a 1L SA. PM me if you'd like some other thoughts about Seattle.

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