GW PT vs. Upper-TT PT

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GW PT vs. Upper-TT PT

Postby Anonymous User » Mon Jul 08, 2013 3:55 pm

I've just been accepted to the GW PT program as well as a PT program in the upper TT range. Struggling to make a decision. I have a hard science background (one in high demand) and want to do patent law. I have about $60k in ug debt so I'm feeling extremely debt-adverse these days. No law school debt from my first year though (currently at a T3/T4). Married - no kids. Thought up some pros/cons for each:

GW - Pros
Known for good placement into IP law. The PT program would let me work full-time at a law firm to gain experience and minimize debt. DC is one of the main geographic areas I would like to end up.

GW - Cons
Expensive school and expensive area. COA will be $191k after interest. This is in addition to my $60k ug debt. The wife has no debt. Now that I have an acceptance, the sickening feeling of taking out more loans is sinking in. Especially since I have pre-2007 loans which means I don't qualify for IBR/PAYE. I like DC but it's so damn expensive. the wife and I would like to life somewhere low-cost like Texas or Michigan (wife wants something below the mason-dixon line but I told her that she needs to be open to everywhere). Wife and I have to find new jobs which will be difficult. I have a sub-3.0 ugpa so that will really hurt when job hunting (but I do have experience).

TT - Pros
Graduate debt free. Don't ask how, but all expenses are covered. I could possibly find something out of PLIP or from the law firm connections I've made in my current job. I might talk with or IP counsel here to see if it would be a possibility to go in-house after graduation (even though most of the attorneys here say we don't hire w/o law firm experience).

TT - Cons
Horrible job placement. No way to get law firm experience if I'm working full-time at my current job. The law firm connections I have won't get us out of the area and the wife and I hate the area and don't want to stay here.

what do you think? Still waiting on a couple of T14's but definitely not holding my breath.

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Re: GW PT vs. Upper-TT PT

Postby altoid99 » Tue Jul 09, 2013 10:18 am

Just wanted to clarify one thing. The fact that you have pre-2007 loans does in no way disqualify you from IBR. You're not the only one who is confused about this; a ton of people I know are so misinformed about it/haven't even heard of it.

"Q: Can I use IBR to pay off older federal loans?

A: Income-Based Repayment is available for any federal loans in the Direct Loan or Federal Family Education Loans (FFEL) programs, regardless of when the loan was taken out."


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Re: GW PT vs. Upper-TT PT

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Jul 09, 2013 10:50 am

Thanks, I dug into it a little more and you are right. That makes me feel a little better. I'm feeling a little better about making the jump to GW after my minor freakout. I know it will open up a lot more doors long-term in the IP law field. I've just been in one place for so long that the thought of uprooting my life and starting over somewhere new is pretty scary.

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Re: GW PT vs. Upper-TT PT

Postby Danger Zone » Tue Jul 09, 2013 11:27 am

Yeah, you're thinking of PAYE.

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