Character and Fitness Issues and Transferring/UG Transcript

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Character and Fitness Issues and Transferring/UG Transcript

Postby Anonymous User » Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:28 pm

So I had to disclose a history of bipolar disorder on my initial law school apps. The apps I'm seeing now don't require disclosure of mental health issues but I also have to disclose a related matter to the questions regarding suspension from an academic institution. To make a long story short, antidepressants triggered a manic episode when I started college -- this was when I was first diagnosed. I did some bizarre things for a couple weeks while on campus but nothing dangerous or such that it would have resulted in disciplinary action by itself. The school got involved...and then I'm not really sure what happened. I left and didn't return to school for a year while I dealt with the health issues. My family didn't know the exact circumstances or if there was anything done that amounted to disciplinary action. I contacted my undergrad uni and they had no record of it. Still, for the sake of full disclosure I put it on my applications.

My question is that because my answer brings up matters related to other character and fitness concerns (mental health) if I need to elaborate more than is necessary to answer the question. Also, for my initial applications I included an addendum for my undergraduate transcript to explain starting a year late and a leave of absence I had to take due to a depressive episode midway through. All the problems are behind me and I've been told the previous issues will not affect my admission to the bar so long as I'm presently in good health -- which I am and have been for a long time. Does anyone have any experience with issues like this or otherwise have advice?

Also, overcoming debilitating mental illness to finish college, success as a professional, and then ending up towards the top of my class at a Tier-1 law school makes for a really compelling story. I used it for my original law school apps but am a little more reluctant now. Thoughts on if this is good PS material? I've thought about tying transferring into a broader theme of striving for self-improvement despite whatever obstacles life presents.

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