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T-4 to T-1

Postby holein5 » Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:46 pm

I was accepted to a tier-4 law school as a AAMPLE student and after my first semester I am ranked second in my class. my LSAT score was 140 and my UGPA was 3.00. I have thought about transferring to a tier-1 law school, but I don't want to fool myself into thinking that I have a shot when I don't. One of my professors asked me if I had thought about it, but he would go no further in discussing it with me. I currently live in the western half of the country, but I would not be opposed to transferring eastward. Do I have a chance? If so, where? If not, why? If not tier-1, tier-2? Should I stay put?


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Re: T-4 to T-1

Postby nvargo352 » Wed Apr 03, 2013 4:15 pm

Honestly schools don't care too much about your LSAT score or UGPA if you are transferring. I think you should apply but be realistic with your expectations. I would definitely take the opportunity to apply. I transferred from a T4 to a T1 after my first year. I was ranked in the top 5% of my class. I know plenty of people that were around my GPA that got into schools throughout T1. The closer you get to the Top14 the more difficult it will be obviously.

If you want to stay, be aware of your schools reputation around the area you want to work and know what kind of job you are looking for.

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