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Re: UVA to Penn

Postby Uncle.Joe » Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:42 pm



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Re: UVA to Penn

Postby run26.2 » Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:17 am

peeonyou wrote:
run26.2 wrote:
peeonyou wrote:i feel like columbia gives me more flexibility grade wise?

would also have op's reasons + coa wouldn't be substantially more.

If you're talking about hiring via OCI, that will be based on your grades at your old school. So there is no real benefit there.

Two factors that you should consider are the number and quality of employers you will be in front of at each school. I think there are more employers at Columbia's OCI, but with UVA's pre-select system, a person in your position may end up with the same number of interviews as a transfer at Columbia. Moreover, you may be more likely to get V5 or V10 firms with your grades at UVA. You should compare the experiences of people who did transfer and those who had the opportunity, but passed on it.

As I said earlier, if you have family reasons for transferring, I think those are fine.

even with high grades i can't say i'm really confident. there are a lot of 2l's who are no offered who weren't bottom of the class, and some have highish grades.

In most transfer scenarios, employers will treat you as they would have if they were interviewing you at your previous school. In other words, if you are top 25% at UVA, they will not consider you the same as a person who is top 25% at Columbia. This may apply less in situations where the number of spots you move up is less or when you're talking about transferring between two elite schools, as you are. However, the number of people that do this is small, so it would be hard to draw solid conclusions from their experience.

What I am saying is that there may not experience a boost in employment prospects, unless you are able to interview with more employers or if conventional wisdom does not hold water in your situation.

And if you're targetting NYC, I would think there would be little tangible benefit to the transfer from an employment prospect perspective. At Penn, nearly everyone who wanted NYC was able to get it, and I assume the same would be true for someone in the top 25% at UVA. Were the people you are referring to focused on non-NYC markets?

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