Transfer Chances T14 --> HYS

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Transfer Chances T14 --> HYS

Postby Anonymous User » Fri Feb 22, 2013 2:46 pm


I have a 3.9 a non-CCN T14. Also, I'm more confident in this grade than would ordinary be merited because I'm a summer starter so this grade is based on two semesters. The school doesn't release rankings, but from some information I've gathered and put together from 2Ls and my career counselor, a 3.9 is at least top 7.5%, probably higher, but at least that. My undergrad GPA/LSAT are nothing spectacular, and I have no good softs/activities from 1L. Unless bar review counts as an activity. In which case I'm a pro.

What do you think my chances are for a HYS transfer?

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Re: Transfer Chances T14 --> HYS

Postby a11 1n » Sat Feb 23, 2013 10:18 pm

Summer starter? Well only Duke and Michigan allow for summer starters and you need to be earning a dual degree with that JD to do so at Duke. Why not just say Michigan? I could not possibly have outed you as the sole Michigan 1L that likes to go to bar review in Ann Arbor.

As for your question, I imagine you will be extremely competitive for H/S. I never hear about anyone transferring to Y so I just do not know. Those that manage to transfer do not much talk about it on TLS very much. One thing to consider though is how that summer start will impact your credits at HYS. I believe the ABA requires 2 years of residency to get a degree from a law school. That means you will have to forgo basically a semesters worth of credits (time spent + money spent) to comply with that requirement.

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