3.95, top 3% at t~45 school, transfer? ED to Chicago/GT?

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What should I do?

See what happens after second semester, then put in applications
No votes
Put in ED to Chicago and Georgetown
Don't transfer, negotiate for more scholarship $
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3.95, top 3% at t~45 school, transfer? ED to Chicago/GT?

Postby xtian » Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:42 pm

My goals are big law in a big city. I am at a lower T1 in an area that I don't want to end up working (Southern California), and from Colorado (wouldn't mind working in Denver, but still want big firm). I got straight A's, 3.95, due to an A+ in LRW and A- in a core class, which resulted in about top 3% of class. I want to do everything I can to get to big law.

Debating between sending in ED to Chicago and GT and seeing what happens, or waiting until end of this semester and see how the grades turn out. The other option is to just negotiate for more scholarship $ (Granted only getting a half ride right now), and stay at current school. Also, have a job lined up to intern for a judge in CO this summer.

Im leaning toward putting an ED in for Chicago and GT, as I feel this would give me the best chance at getting into big law, and don't want to risk my grades falling a LITTLE and ruining my chances to either.

What do u think? AND, what are my chances of getting into Chicago or GT with ED?

I REALLY APPRECIATE all help and any insights that you all may have, thank you.

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Re: 3.95, top 3% at t~45 school, transfer? ED to Chicago/GT?

Postby Uncle.Joe » Wed Jan 16, 2013 5:32 pm

If you are at a regional in a region you do not want to be at I don't see the downside in putting the EDs in to both.

FWIW schools are much more receptive to negotiation when you have an acceptance in hand than when your just making a money grab. PM me if you have any specific questions about transferring.

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Re: 3.95, top 3% at t~45 school, transfer? ED to Chicago/GT?

Postby atcushman » Wed Jan 16, 2013 5:38 pm

Chi ED is binding, so make sure that's where you want to transfer if you get accepted.

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Re: 3.95, top 3% at t~45 school, transfer? ED to Chicago/GT?

Postby Wholigan » Wed Jan 16, 2013 11:48 pm

I imagine you can do better than GULC, but if you want insurance against your grades dropping and you don't want the area you are in, maybe you should consider it. I believe it costs something like $1500 to hold your spot, so I wouldn't even apply unless you are willing to pay that. I don't just mean better in terms of a transfer school. I think with top 3% from a T1 you will be able to get biglaw interviews that you would get at GULC by applying directly if you do it broadly. I was similarly ranked at a T2, and I got several screening offers from direct mailing, and I didn't even apply that broadly (only to about 40 firms)

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Re: 3.95, top 3% at t~45 school, transfer? ED to Chicago/GT?

Postby TTRansfer » Thu Jan 17, 2013 5:23 pm

GULC is your insurance school. You are pretty much in there as long as you don't write something weird in your letter.

ED @ Chicago is definitely do-able for you. I think you'd be in or close to being in.

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