FSU v. USD/Loyola?

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FSU (7k/yr, no stips) v. USD or Loyola (SoCal is the final destination)?

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FSU v. USD/Loyola?

Postby game5045 » Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:36 pm

FSU (7k/yr, no stips) v. USD or Loyola (SoCal is the final destination)?

Yeah, I know. That's my answer to your first question, "bro, didn't you know FSU is regional and not a headliner in SoCal?" - Obs, the dilemma is cost vs. whatever regional pull USD or Loyola would add to a job search).

No. I did not and will not send out any other applications.

That's not a curveball, I'm thinking about that exact scenario. The plan is to get an LLM in Tax. Of course, I'll send LLM apps to NYU, UF, and Georgetown; and I'll go to those schools (in respective order) if admitted. However, as a contingency, I've thought about finishing my JD at FSU and spending all the tuition savings (compared to USD or LLS) on an LLM from... USD or LLS.

Finally, imagine Herm Edwards giving an emotive pre-feedback speech about not making up new variables; i.e., SoCal is the final destination, I'm not asking about job prospects in FL or any other states.

Please advise.

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Mick Haller

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Re: FSU v. USD/Loyola?

Postby Mick Haller » Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:54 pm

there's no serious question if you want to work in SoCal, is there?

it's hard enough moving to Calif. and attending law school there, and THEN trying to explain to firms that you aren't a flight risk. there's almost no chance of breaking into this market with a non-T20 OOS degree and with no serious connections.


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Re: FSU v. USD/Loyola?

Postby EnchantedJockstrap » Thu Jul 19, 2012 2:22 pm

I would suggest USD/Loyola over FSU strictly for recognition and connections in So-Cal. I guess the real question is when are you going apply for your LLM? If you plan to attend directly after you finish up your JD, then I think staying at FSU would be fine. If you plan to work even for 1-2 years I think it would benefit you to move west.

Good Luck!


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Re: FSU v. USD/Loyola?

Postby SanDiegoLaw » Thu Jul 19, 2012 2:56 pm

FSU will not net you really any decent ties in So-Cal unless you already have some form of connection.

That being in said, im at a lower ranked school in San Diego right now. The San Diego legal market is very small, and right now its very hard to break into. Going to USD will give you the best oppurtunity within San Diego, but still know there will need to be a lot of networking done. If you want to work north of San Diego, USD is not a good choice because USD JD degree does not travel well to "northern" southern california (i.e. LA).

I would say your best bet, if you are getting no scholly offer at USD, is to go to Loyola. Great tax program, well respected school with plenty of well positioned alums. I am actually transferring there for the Fall of 2012...my vote is LMU because it gives you the most options and best oppurtunity within the legal market you want to be in, So-Cal


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Re: FSU v. USD/Loyola?

Postby justright157 » Thu Jul 19, 2012 6:20 pm

when did you receive an acceptance from loyola?

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