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PS + LOR + Timing

Postby mileslibertatis » Sat Apr 14, 2012 9:49 pm

First a caveat: I've read Arrow's introductory post.

I posted in another thread about which schools to target for my transfer cycle, and have narrowed my search considerably based on the feedback there. I have a few lingering concerns about things which I know have an almost negligible effect, but which still must be done well.

1. For the PS, is it more compelling to write a reasonably interesting story of how a student came to be where he is, or is it more interesting to the school to hear about what it is that makes him want to transfer? I have no idea why I wrote that in the 3rd person, but there it is. Or is it better to try to mesh both in to the standard 2-page document?

2. LORs... I still have the four from my original cycle, plus two from current law professors both of whom I have had for two classes. Is it best to try to get as many current law professor LORs, or is two basically the same as three is the same as four? I have another professor I'd like to ask to specifically highlight my academic interests/propensities. But is it worth the trouble?

3. Finally, timing. To what extent is it important to drive for the earliest possible date to submit applications so as to increase chances? Is there any discernibly handicap risked by waiting 3-4 weeks after the submission opens?

I appreciate the collected wisdom of ye sages.

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