Law Review Write-On tips?

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Law Review Write-On tips?

Postby Stryka » Fri Jul 29, 2011 3:35 pm

Anyone know if there's a thread about this and if not please post any tips. Thanks!


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Re: Law Review Write-On tips?

Postby transplantedbuckeye » Fri Jul 29, 2011 6:53 pm

Make sure your writing is coherent, you know what grammar is, and ALL citations are correct. You'd be surprised how many write-on pieces I read where the argument was ok but the grammar and citations were bad and then dragged down the overall score. Also, make an argument and actually analyze the issue. Don't spit back what the court said or make a superficial claim like "the Court used a falty argument and so this has a big impact on the law.". If you analyze it, take their argument and turn it against them with other precedent or distinctions, you will be way ahead of the game from my experience.

It also doesn't hurt to connect every sentence together and transition well from paragraph to paragraph, i.e., you repeat and idea or phrase or something else to help me. Transitioning really helps the grader when there are so many papers to read, plus you have to do it right before school - the last time I want to get stuck reading a paper that is hard to follow. You also make it easier for the grader to follow if you don't his facts and reasoning in the endnotes.

Additionally, go to the law review and other journal websites to read examples or read the example they point you to in the packet.

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