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Transfer Question

Postby random5483 » Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:33 pm

A guy who interns with me this summer (TTT, top 5%, law review, 30k/yr scholarship) was admitted to UC Davis (UCD), University of Southern California (USC), and waitlisted at GULC. He has not received a response from UCLA. He grew up in California and has a slight preference for working in California (no preference within CA); however, he does not have a strong preference (ie. open to working anywhere). His TTT is not in CA but his summer job is in CA.

If he attends USC or GULC (if admitted off waitlist) he will miss OCI due to passed bid deadlines. He was admitted in time to make some of the UCD OCI dates. We talked a lot about transferring because we both applied for transfers this summer. I advised him against transferring unless he gets UCLA or GULC (even without OCI). However, he has made up his mind that he wants to transfer. What is his best option?

Note: Partial OCI = School has more than one OCI bid deadline, and some (but not all) OCI deadlines have passed.

1. Is USC without OCI worth it over UCD with a partial OCI? (guessing no)
2. Is GULC (if he gets in) without OCI worth it over UCD with a partial OCI? (guessing yes)
3. Is UCLA with a partial OCI (if he gets in) worth it over GULC with no OCI? (guessing yes)

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