W&L (FT full tuition) vs. Maryland (PT in-state)

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W&L (FT full tuition) vs. Maryland (PT in-state)

Postby SpencerPratt » Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:29 am

Hey guys, I'm transferring back home to the DC area and have gotten into UMD PT program (went to my old school's PT program) and W&L's full time program (though I'd probably need an extra semester to work out transfer credits since I'm studying abroad for only 5 credits).

I want to practice in either Maryland (Montgomery County) or DC (or NOVA I guess). For those suggesting I may only find work in Charlottesville/Richmond or Baltimore, I'd choose Baltimore. I'd also have free rent in Maryland if I lived at home.

I know W&L is ranked higher and has a more prestigious reputation, but Maryland would be plenty cheaper due to in-state plus no housing costs.

Which has a better reputation in DC? Does MD place well into the Maryland (DC) suburbs?

Still waiting on GW and Gtown FWIW.


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Re: W&L (FT full tuition) vs. Maryland (PT in-state)

Postby ran12 » Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:43 am

If you're comfortable working in Baltimore or MD as a whole, UMD is by far the better option. When you consider free rent and PT, so you could potentially work during the day, it's a better situation. Currently, UMD and W&L prob have equal chances at DC. Chances aren't great b/c of the DC market and all the different schools that pump grads in If you care about being in DMV more, UMD prob is the safer bet b/c W&L grads seem to tend to get jobs more in the south.

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Re: W&L (FT full tuition) vs. Maryland (PT in-state)

Postby denimchickn » Tue Jul 12, 2011 12:45 pm

Placement in Maryland: Slight lean Maryland.
Placement in NOVA: Lean W&L
Placement in DC: Slight lean/lean W&L
Placement elsewhere: Solid W&L

Maryland is obviously cheaper.

Also, the atmosphere has to be a consideration. There are few places less similar that downtown Baltimore and Lexington, Virginia. Being in a small town, W&L tends to be very tight knit. Everyone knows everyone and most people tend to end up at the same parties or Lexington's one decent bar on the weekends. I don't know anything about the environment or the students at UMD, but I'd imagine it's quite different.

All in all, I'd probably pick W&L, but it would be a close call.

Full disclosure: I went to W&L last year. I also have a room in a really nice and really cheap house I'm trying to get rid of in Lex. So pick W&L, and if you're a dude, take it off my hands please :)

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