Stay or Go: the Wisconsin vs. Northwestern Edition

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stay or go?

stay at UW
transfer to NU
Total votes: 48


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Re: Stay or Go: the Wisconsin vs. Northwestern Edition

Postby slt » Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:38 am

Regionality wrote:
slt wrote:
tww909 wrote:
Aberzombie1892 wrote:Even without law review, it would still be a tough call in my mind - you are paying a nice premium for something that may not result in better results (mass mailing firms while being top 10% at a T50 v. OCI-ing with firms after a transfer to a T14 with no new class rank).

Can you ask career services to see how the top 10% at UW has fared in Chicago in prior years?

Honestly, I think you would be fine either way - and for that reason, I'm leaning UW.

i would ask them for info if i could. i might feel a bit better if our career services actually did the decent thing and was willing to put out gpa/callback info, but instead in the quest to make everyone feel good they decided it would be best to be worthless yet supportive.

i think i'll get something by staying, i just want to get a job that - even if it turns into an offer i take rather than a clerkship, affords me enough prestige to do a clerkship after a couple of years, and maybe break into academia after that.

A tenured professor at my school (T20) received his law degree from Wisconsin (back in the day).

Fair enough...however, an african american was elected president...would you have a better chance of success being white or black going in to politics?

Fair enough :)

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Re: Stay or Go: the Wisconsin vs. Northwestern Edition

Postby Spinoza » Tue Jul 12, 2011 11:48 pm

ToTransferOrNot wrote:
tww909 wrote:Okay news. Law review decisions came out and as expected I didn't make it. I'm basically illiterate. I got a secondary that doesn't really interest me at all fwiw.

Anyone want to change their vote?

It's a no-brainer at this point, particularly given your goals: you should transfer. I would have voted for transfering in the first instance too. I know Wisconsin isn't doing as badly as it was when I left (CO 2011) but still. At Sidley, there are probably ~4 schools competing for the two or three non-T14 slots they'll take via OCI. You won't get hired at Mayer via mass-mailing (though you might get a bite at KE - they have someone from DuPaul in their current SA class).

But given the academia aspirations (be warned, though - this is a really long shot from NU, as is an Art. III clerkship; only two UChi transfers from my class got clerkships) you should probably bail.

There is someone from DePaul in Mayer's SA class this year.

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