Odds at HY?

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Odds at HY?

Postby transferquest » Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:28 pm

So i finished the year #1 cumulatively (#1 semester 1, #3 semester 2) at a high-50s Tier 2.

Very solid softs (2 paid summer internships, law review, recently awarded merit scholarship)

WEAK Lsat (162) and mediocre undergraduate (2.8 at a top 20 school)

however, I finished undergraduate in 2002 with highest honors on a thesis and have 8 subsequent years of excellent work experience

3 solid law professor recs and 1 professional rec

I've got three "tiers" of applications out:

1. HYS - i'm applying to Harvard and Yale. Anyone have any experience with being a #1 at a tier two and these two?

2. Duke, Virginia, Cornell, UPenn: I honestly dont want to live in an urban area, so UPenn is the only really urban law school I am applying to from the top ten. Any thoughts on where I might stand at these spots?

3. Georgetown / William and Mary: I feel very comfortable about these two.

Any feedback will be appreciated.

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Re: Odds at HY?

Postby vanwinkle » Thu Jun 16, 2011 4:24 pm

With the #1 spot at your school, years of WE, and solid LORs, you'd be at least in contention for HLS. They take a couple of upper-T2 kids a year, and you've got all the right credentials, including the WE. It may come down to your PS and your given reasons for transferring. (If it has anything to do with academia, that thesis should really help.)

It's certainly worth applying in your case. Good luck.

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